Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel in Portland, ME

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Oct 3, 2012 – Portland, Maine – State Theatre

Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel

Ear drums bleed, bones were crushed and no survivors were found……OK so I might be exaggerating a little but here’s really what happened.

Trevor Kohout and I packed up the SUV, left from Fredericton and started the 5+ hour drive to Portland, Maine.

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We got into town just after 6 and found a sweet parking spot behind one of the tour buses.  We looked around to get an autograph/pic but didn’t see anyone entering or leaving the bus so we used the time to get something to eat before the doors opened at ~7pm. We decided to eat at the Congress Bar and Grill. The food was good, priced reasonably and served quickly. After we jammed the food down our throats, we got in line  to enter State Theatre. We were quickly pat down and then hit the Merch tableto get a shirt. We were both surprised at the cost…Only 25 bucks! Back in Canada, shirts are generally 40 so we were happy. I settled on the shirt shown here: 
After  we grabbed our goods, we headed in to the floor. We were fairly early so we had our pick of place to stand. We grabbed a great spot against the railing, behind the pit and center of the stage about 25ft back. In no time, 3 powerhouse metal bands took to the stage and gave thunderous performances. It all started with Death Angel…They came out and played a high energy set. I was impressed as I remember them from years ago and was never a huge fan. Overall, they rocked. Next up was Testament. I have seen these guys before but they were way better this time. One of the highlights for me was that one of my favorite drummers, Gene Hoglan, is playing for them now and it was the first time I have ever seen him live. WOW…that guy is amazing. Watching him play was an honor. Testament was tighter than the last time I saw them and more entertaining overall. Last but certainly not least was Anthrax and I have to say…Joey still has it! What a great front man. He had everybody eating out of his hand. The band played mostly old stuff with the exception of a couple of new tunes. Charlie wasn’t in the house playing drums but Jason Bittner (of Shadows Fall) was filling in. After the show, we fueled up, got a monster drink/snacks and hit the highway for the 5+ hour drive back. We were getting tired by the end of the drive but got home safely around 6:15 am.

It was a whirlwind 18 hours but a fun one indeed! I’d do it again in a second 🙂

Here are some pictures I took with my Canon S90 at the show.


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